Week 5

This week in philanthropy our group brainstormed fundraiser ideas and thought about which organizations we would consider donating to. We thought of asking some local restaurants to donate either a fixed amount of money or a percentage of their earnings. My group is a little bit nervous that we may not have enough time to successfully fund raise, so we our planning on contacting the businesses soon. We also narrowed down our choice of non-profit organizations to only a few. Some of these include Feeding Children Everywhere, an organization where you donate money and they supply you with food, and then you package the food yourself and choose where to send it to, and the Palm Beach Food Bank. Both of these organizations earned a very high score on the quantitative rating worksheet, so we feel that they are both very good choices. I am excited for next week when the club is gathering representatives from different non-profits to come and speak to us. I think that it will be a very good opportunity to get to ask questions and learn more about the various organizations. Someone in my group even got someone from Feeding Children Everywhere to agree to come and talk to us, and I think that it will be pretty cool getting to learn more about the organization.

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