Week 5

I think this week was very helpful for my group. I feel as though it was the perfect amount of time for us to get caught up to where we need to be. We have narrowed out decision down to 4 possible organizations; The Arc School, The Quantum House, The Palm Beach Habilitation Center, and the Special Olympics. After looking at each organizations 990s, on paper it looks as thought the Palm Beach Habilitation Center looks like the best organization to send our money too. However, the Arc School looks like they would need our money the most. So, it will be a hard decision in the end. In terms of fundraising, I went to talk tot eh manager at Swirls to see if we could arrange something. After our lesson today, my group and I are going ot go present out ideas to her and see if we can organize something for next Monday. I think my group has come together and I am excited to visit and connect with our organize.

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