Week 5

This week our group identified some organizations we wanted to come to the panel discussion and also analyzed their tax records. Giving each organization a score helped narrow down the choices. We contacted Feeding Children Everywhere, who said they will send a representative to the panel. I’m learning a lot about the inner workings of nonprofits and businesses in general, and I think it’s really interesting. The panel discussion will be helpful in showing us exactly what organizations stand for and how effectively they will spend our money. It also will give us the opportunity to learn more about how nonprofits function and what they do to raise awareness. This is a good idea too because we will get to interact with the non-profit professionals in person and develop our speaking skills. We also brainstormed fundraising techniques and thought of asking local businesses and restaurants to donate in some form, either one sum or a percentage of their profits from Benjamin students. I think this will be a great way to raise money, but I’m concerned that we won’t have enough time to raise a lot of money. Perhaps we should contact the businesses now to begin the process? I’m looking forward to the panel discussion and hope to get a chance to ask some questions about the organizations and their missions.

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