Week 5

This week proved to be a busy week for our group–however we can’t call it a productive one. Besides myself, our group could not make it to Thursdays meeting: Veronica was absent because of her play practice; Katie was doing some sort of leadership seminar; My’Asja was on an errand for prom. Even I could only stay for 20 minutes because I had to check out where prom would reside this year. In addition, our community lost a friend and so everyone was focussed on other things. However, because we need to catch up, Veronica and I arranged to have a meeting tomorrow where we will finish up our “cold calls” and get organized. I feel although I did not get a lot done this week, I learned a important lesson in managing time. Sometimes we can’t get everything done and that’s okay as long as we make time for it in the future.

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