Week Four

What is so great about this program is that we are not only helping people through our organizations, we are also learning great skills for ourselves. During week four, we were pushed out of our comfort zones. In addition to selecting some key organizatons we want to focuss on, we were also assigned to “cold call” them ( calling the organizations sponaneously and without any notice at all). I really felt this is a daunting assignment. I don’t have a lot of self-confidence or experience with these kinds of tasks. And in additon, the people we are calling are very important people who are high up in their organization. I am afraid to mess-up. However, after watching Veronica, I felt better about the assignment. She was the first to go. She called COMPASS and successfully got them to agree to coming to class. Her success was really encouraging. I personally have yet to go, but I am making it a self-goal to call at least one organization, because I think this will be a good oppurtunity to work on my speaking skills and confidence. Besides cold calling, we also have to work on fundraising. This week, My’Asja and Katie were added to our group, which I am really happy about. I think they will make good contributions to our team. Overall, everything is going pretty smoothly.

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