Week 5

This week, our group focused and gave some good thought in to what non-profit organizations we would like to see at the discussion panel. This panel discussion will give us some insight as to which organizations we would like to donate the money we fund raise to. After researching some local organizations as well as some larger and more nationally recognized organizations, we narrowed it down to a few. Our group really likes the idea of helping out a county food bank or food pantry, but we are also very much interested in the non-profit called feeding children everywhere. The great thing about both of these options is the fact that we can be more involved in the process as opposed to just donating money. With Feeding Children Everywhere, we can use the money we fund raised to hold a “hunger project” in our community. This means that we get to directly package and ship the meals we make to local communities or areas around the world. The food that is packaged is really nutritious and aims to not only give people the sustenance they need, but also the essential nutrients they need in their diet. This process is really interesting and I am truly beginning to realize the complexities of running a non-profit organization.

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