Week 4

Although I was not able to attend the entirety of the Week 4 meeting, my group filled me in on all of what I missed. While I was at the meeting, the groups were solidified and our group was solidified as a six person team consisting of myself, Ali, Annelise, Taylor, Jordie and Dylan. We shared our name ideas between groups and we officially coined the group name the “Hunger Heroes”. We proceeded to talk a little about our goals and from there we developed both a mission statement and a vision statement. Ultimately, our group really just wants to make an impact in our local community and possibly on a larger scale, and we all wish to raise awareness of the problem. Hunger is a relevant issue that many people in Palm Beach County face. I do not think many people truly understand how prevalent it is. After we came up with our Mission and Vision statements, we took a look at some 990 forms and learned a little more about the non-profit organization Feeding Children Everywhere. We decided, from the information that we reviewed about where the money they received goes, to contact the group. We received a positive response, and hopefully a representative of the company will be able to attend the panel discussion.

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