Week 4

This week we look at a a sample IRS From 990. I did not realize how difficult and complicated it would be. I am apart of a non-profit now and did not realize how much much be recorded each year and how important it is to make sure the numbers stay on track. I researched the Arc School of Palm Beach County on http://nccs.urban.org because this organization was not on guidesar.com. I learned that this organization puts 76.17% of their total expenses to specific programs which is a good number to have, but could be higher. Also, I learned that the organizations only puts 18.68% of their expenses to the management. It was interesting to see that the organization only puts 5.15% of their expenses to fundraising. In a way this is a good thing so the majority of their money is not taken out in order to fund raise money. So, I can confer that they receive a lot of donations to help them survive. However, if my calculations are correct, the organization would only be able to survive for 1.78 months. This is not a good number to have because an organization should be able to survive for a long amount of time. We have yet to contact them and ask if they would like to come to a class. But, I think we are set on this school to be our organization.

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