Blog Entry ~ Week 3

During this week’s class we did an exercise called the brown paper bag exercise. For this everyone was supposed to bring in tree items that either meant a lot to them or described them in some way. All of the tree items had to be small enough to fit in a brown paper bag. My three items that i brought in was a dog collar, my cross necklace, and a handmade bracelet. The dog collar stood for my love for animals and my involvement in non-profits to help out animals. Also the collar represents my foster puppies since that was the first collar of my foster puppies. The next thing was my cross necklace. I brought this in because of involvement in my church and love of what i do to help there and love of my church family there. And lastly is the handmade bracelet. This bracelet is did not make my self but it represents my love for being crafty and trying to make things that look cool to me instead of just buying them first.

Having listened and watched everyone present their three objects gave me a new insight on what they are like. It showed me that I am similar to some of these people that I thought I had nothing in common with.

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