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A. Today in Philanthropy we used MAD (make a difference) cards to pick and choose what form of community service work we are most passionate about and is most important to us; this allowed people to get to know themselves and others. What topics in life matter most to people really helps create a bond between people and helps people really get to know and understand others and through what they are most passionate about. It also helps people get to know themselves because a lot of the time, people do not stop and think to themselves what is most important to them and what really matters. In today’s class, people got a chance to think to themselves and take a moment to realize what they are truly passionate about and give a reasoning why. A lot was learned about others, and most people would have never expected some people to say what they said, which was a great bonding experience for everyone.

B. From participating in the Main Street Philanthropy program, I hope to gain a deeper and more meaningful relationship with myself and others. I think Philanthropy is a great way to venture through yourself and other’s lives and get to know yourself in ways you never have before. I love giving back to the community and putting a smile on people’s faces because I think everyone deserves that. I always feel so good about myself when making an impact on people’s lives and I hope to accomplish doing so through Philanthropy.

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