Week 6

This week, our group was very productive. After hearing from the panel of non-profits, we were motivated to start fundraising. After brainstorming the previous week, we decided that we would try to pair up with a small, local business. After a few failed attempts to reach a business that was willing to meet with us, we contacted 3 Natives. 3 Natives is a small business, but is rapidly growing in popularity. Annelise made the first call, and then I met with the manager, Anthony. I explained to him our goal and gave him some information on our non-profit, Feeding Children Everywhere. He was immediately very amenable to helping out and said that he had wanted to do a charitable event for a while. We came upon an agreement very quickly. On Friday, December 5th, we will have an event at 3 Natives from 3-5pm in which 100% of the proceeds from every “chronic” acai bowl sold will go towards our charity. We made flyers to place around school and in the 3 natives shop. We plan to make announcements at assembly, send emails to the school, and spread the word as fast as we can in the upcoming week. We are all looking forward to the event and hopefully it will turn out to be a success for 3 Natives as well as our cause.

Week 5

This week, our group focused and gave some good thought in to what non-profit organizations we would like to see at the discussion panel. This panel discussion will give us some insight as to which organizations we would like to donate the money we fund raise to. After researching some local organizations as well as some larger and more nationally recognized organizations, we narrowed it down to a few. Our group really likes the idea of helping out a county food bank or food pantry, but we are also very much interested in the non-profit called feeding children everywhere. The great thing about both of these options is the fact that we can be more involved in the process as opposed to just donating money. With Feeding Children Everywhere, we can use the money we fund raised to hold a “hunger project” in our community. This means that we get to directly package and ship the meals we make to local communities or areas around the world. The food that is packaged is really nutritious and aims to not only give people the sustenance they need, but also the essential nutrients they need in their diet. This process is really interesting and I am truly beginning to realize the complexities of running a non-profit organization.

Week 4

Although I was not able to attend the entirety of the Week 4 meeting, my group filled me in on all of what I missed. While I was at the meeting, the groups were solidified and our group was solidified as a six person team consisting of myself, Ali, Annelise, Taylor, Jordie and Dylan. We shared our name ideas between groups and we officially coined the group name the “Hunger Heroes”. We proceeded to talk a little about our goals and from there we developed both a mission statement and a vision statement. Ultimately, our group really just wants to make an impact in our local community and possibly on a larger scale, and we all wish to raise awareness of the problem. Hunger is a relevant issue that many people in Palm Beach County face. I do not think many people truly understand how prevalent it is. After we came up with our Mission and Vision statements, we took a look at some 990 forms and learned a little more about the non-profit organization Feeding Children Everywhere. We decided, from the information that we reviewed about where the money they received goes, to contact the group. We received a positive response, and hopefully a representative of the company will be able to attend the panel discussion.

Week 3

For week three, everyone had to bring in three items that represent themselves and that would fit in a brown paper bag. I brought in a postcard, a measuring cup, and a souvenir from a science research center. I brought the science souvenir because it pertains to a field of study that I am very interested in pursuing. I brought the measuring cup because I really enjoy cooking and baking. I think that it also represents how specific baking is and how it is almost like a science. It relates to my analytical nature. The final item I brought was a postcard. This represents my love for travel and learning about different cultures. I think it is very important that as educated Americans, we all have some sort of basis of other cultures. I find that when I go to a country, I enjoy immersing myself in the local culture as opposed to experiencing the typical touristy attractions.

I learned a lot about people through their objects. It was interesting to see what everyone brought in as well as why they brought the respective items. We were able to recognize many similarities between people based on the items that they brought in to share. As peers and group members, it was very important that we learn a little more about the people we are going to be working alongside.

Week 2 Blog Entry

Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the meeting this week, however, my group filled me in on what was accomplished. We were arranged in groups based on our MAD card preferences. I was excited to hear that I would be in the hunger group along with Annelise, Jordie, Ali, Dylan, Taylor, and Logan.

Although I have worked previously with a wonderful non-profit, Feeding Children Everywhere, I know there are so many ways we can help fight hunger in our community as well as worldwide. Annelise and I really like Feeding Children everywhere because it is very hands-on. You and your team organize a hunger project with the money you collected and then you package the meals yourself. The hunger project we previously participated in only took about 30 minutes and we were able to package over 10,000 meals! Then you are able to decide where you wish to send the food. It was really eye-opening to see how hunger is a problem in our own community, not just in third world countries.

Annelise and I came up with a few names for our group. We particularly like “Hunger Heroes”. From our past experience in this field of philanthropic ventures, we know that it is possible to make an impact, and we hope to show others that every bit counts.

Blog Entry Week 1

I really enjoyed the first week of the course. I thought the MAD card activity that we completed really showed the multitude of realms for which one may become passionate about. I thought that it was interesting to see what everyone picked and why. I also really enjoyed the videos we watched that showed how such a simple idea can ultimately lead to a non-profit with a powerful impact.

In the card activity, I chose Hunger, Research and Education, and People with Disabilities. I have had a lot of experience in the past working in these realms and it didn’t surprise me very much when I heard my mother’s top 3 were very similar. She and I both put an emphasis on science-based and medical categories as well as education. Even though I narrowed my cards down to three, I know that all represent important categories that should not be overlooked or under-appreciated.

In the future, I hope to learn many things from this course. I hope to learn all about fundraising and the most efficient ways to do so, as well as what it takes to actually start a non-profit organization. Hopefully by the end of this program, we all will have made impacting contributions to our local community and have inspired others to do the same.