Blog Entry- Week 1

I’m glad I joined the philanthropy club. I hope to learn about how philanthropy organizations work in depth and what all is put into the program to better the foundation of what has been chosen.  This club gives me a chance to experience something new to better myself and the community. My definition of philanthropy would be giving a service to something you are passionate towards, or  someone in need without expecting anything in return. Most businesses and organizations are money driven; with philanthropy I feel as if theres a greater satisfaction with knowing you can enhance someone’s life by just doing a simple deed, that most people would take for granted. I had a conversation with  my parents about the top three MAD cards. My top three are Children and Youth Services, Animal Care and Hospital and Medical Care. Together the rest of my family chose Family Services, Elderly care and Animal Care. I wasn’t as surprised to find out that my parents had animal care and family services as options. I know how much my family cares about helping people and animals so I’m glad that we had a common ground on something we care about. This exercise made me realize that I’m more like my parents and grandparents than I actually realized.