Week 3

I was not able to participate in class last week, however, I had my 3 items prepared. I had headphones because I am passionate about music, a teddy bear because I am very charitable and helping towards children’s programs and needs, and I had an apple because I am from New York. I am very disappointed that I had to miss last week’s class because I know I would have found it interesting to see what other people had to say about themselves with just 3 small items. I conferred with my group and we have everything prepared for Week 4 and found almost all of our charities that we would like to help out with and raise money for. Cannot wait to share them in next week’s class!

Week 2

Week 2 of Philanthropy, we learned our groups and conferred with them. My group topic is Children Youth Services and Family Care. I am very glad I got these topics because these things are both very important to me, and I believe they are necessary to create a stable society. With our group, we began to brainstorm many ideas. We thought about the Quantum house, and places of that sort. We were informed of a tutoring center that tutors children who cannot afford it, and feeds them as well. I believe this is a great concept and would love to look more into it. We did not get into too much detail yet because the majority of our group members had to leave, but we will certainly try to discuss this in more detail at the next meeting. I am very excited to begin working on this and come up with philanthropic ways we can start dealing with places such as this one.

Blog Entry

A. Today in Philanthropy we used MAD (make a difference) cards to pick and choose what form of community service work we are most passionate about and is most important to us; this allowed people to get to know themselves and others. What topics in life matter most to people really helps create a bond between people and helps people really get to know and understand others and through what they are most passionate about. It also helps people get to know themselves because a lot of the time, people do not stop and think to themselves what is most important to them and what really matters. In today’s class, people got a chance to think to themselves and take a moment to realize what they are truly passionate about and give a reasoning why. A lot was learned about others, and most people would have never expected some people to say what they said, which was a great bonding experience for everyone.

B. From participating in the Main Street Philanthropy program, I hope to gain a deeper and more meaningful relationship with myself and others. I think Philanthropy is a great way to venture through yourself and other’s lives and get to know yourself in ways you never have before. I love giving back to the community and putting a smile on people’s faces because I think everyone deserves that. I always feel so good about myself when making an impact on people’s lives and I hope to accomplish doing so through Philanthropy.