1 week

Honestly coming into this program i had no idea what philanthropy was nor did i even know such a word existed. I was unsure if i wanted to even pursue time into such a club. A buddy of mine convinced me to go into the first meeting open minded and  to just give it a go. As he insisted, i went to the first meeting. This meeting was sort of a gateway into the club. The ambassadors gave a brief summary of the club. The first meeting finished and i was still skeptical. I was leaning towards leaving the club. All i was thinking was extra work, i don’t want to deal with it. Second meeting came , my feeling toward the club altered for the best

Second day our councils introduced us to a few youtube philanthropy videos. These videos were of other philanthropist who already have been through the program.  They gave there opinion towards the club, sort of like im doing right now writing this blog. After the videos we were given the MAD cards. These were non- profit charities. we picked six then had to break it down to three. Thinking that this wasn’t going to be a hard; i could easily discern what i want to pursue for the rest of the club. It ended up being a difficult choice. With lots of debating i chose these three distinguishing charities, people with physical mental disabilities, hunger, and animal care. These were chosen because i put each one in my life perspective. I couldn’t imagine not being able to play sports because i was born with disabilities. I definitely couldn’t imagine skipping a meal.

Im excited for the rest of the club.