Week 5

I contacted a woman from the Quantum House this week and she is interested in coming to the panel and speaking to our class. I told her all about our ideas and interest in volunteering and investing. My group is now waiting on answers from the two other non profits we have contacted. This week we are going to start going to places such as Swirls and Duffy’s to ask if we can fundraise with them.

Week 4

We are focusing on 3 organization that specialize in people with mental and physical disabilities. The 3 non profits are Palm Beach Habilitation Center INC, Quantum House, and The Arc School. Each of these are organizations that we would be interested in doing volunteer work and investing our money in. We have been looking up their form 990s and looking at their numbers to see if they are good organizations to invest in. Also, I have contacted a women at the Quantum House to come to our panel next Thursday to see if we want to invest in their non profit.

Week 2

My group members and I brainstormed that we will raise money for an organization that helps children & youth services or family services. However, we want to find an organization that combines these so we can raise money for more than one cause. We thought about maybe organizing a fundraiser by collecting art work and auctioning it off to other in order to raise money for the organization. That is just one idea, but we are hoping to come up with more ideas that will benefit the organization in the best way possible. I am eager to get started with the fundraising.

Week 1

When picking the MAD cards it was really difficult to narrow it down to only 3 because all of the cards seemed important. However, I chose the ones that were important to me in particular. I learned that I really want to do something to help children and youth. Also, I was surprised to see that other people had the same interests as me because I never would have expected that from some of the people. When I went home and asked my mom about which cards she chose I was surprised to hear that 2 out of 3 of ours were the same. She chose hunger and child services just like me. It was interesting to see that we both chose those because neither of us had any idea what the other chose and I did not expect that. I am excited to be participating in this program and hope to make a difference somehow by the end of it. Also, I am excited to learn more about Philanthropy.