Week 3

I unfortunately missed last week but i do have 3 items. The first item was a lacrosse ball because that one of my big  hobbies. Playing on a team will definitely help me work with my group. My second item was a fish hook because i like to fish. While fishing you have to be very patient and with some of the fundraising we will be doing i will be able to stay patient through hard work. My third was my xbox controller because i like to play xbox. In the games i play i am on a team so i hope to take that feeling of being on a team and helo contribute to my group.

Week 2 Entry

In week 2 i had the opportunity to meet my group and find out what i was going to be fundraising for. Me group is Matt, Vincent, Kieran, and myself. We will be fundraising for Veterans. I know that there is a wounded warrior program in jupiter that bring down veterans to stay in these houses on the water and have a vacation. We could raise money for that so it is local and we can see the change we made. Im excited to start working and raising money to give back to the people who have protected me my whole life and are the reason we are able to live these peaceful lives that we live!

Team name: Students fighting for our Veterans

Slogan: They fought for us now we fight for them

$ team

Week one

This week we were asked to pick our top six “MAD” cards. After picking six we picked our top three. Picking three cards was extremely hard, there were a lot of causes that i know are very important. My top three were Veterans, Animal Care, and Hunger. I chose veterans because it is the best way to give back to the people who have fought for my freedom and risked their lives for our country. I chose Animal care because I grown up around dogs my whole life and think that training dogs to help people with disabilities is important. My third pick was Hunger because i have been spoiled my whole life with food on the table everyday and can’t imagine what it would be like not to eat. I am excited to see the group i am put into!