Week 5

This week in philanthropy our group brainstormed fundraiser ideas and thought about which organizations we would consider donating to. We thought of asking some local restaurants to donate either a fixed amount of money or a percentage of their earnings. My group is a little bit nervous that we may not have enough time to successfully fund raise, so we our planning on contacting the businesses soon. We also narrowed down our choice of non-profit organizations to only a few. Some of these include Feeding Children Everywhere, an organization where you donate money and they supply you with food, and then you package the food yourself and choose where to send it to, and the Palm Beach Food Bank. Both of these organizations earned a very high score on the quantitative rating worksheet, so we feel that they are both very good choices. I am excited for next week when the club is gathering representatives from different non-profits to come and speak to us. I think that it will be a very good opportunity to get to ask questions and learn more about the various organizations. Someone in my group even got someone from Feeding Children Everywhere to agree to come and talk to us, and I think that it will be pretty cool getting to learn more about the organization.

Week 3

This week in philanthropy club we did the brown paper bag assignment. Everyone in the club had to bring in a brown paper bag with three things that they believed described themselves. I brought a book, a candle, and a paintbrush. I brought a book because reading was a big part of my life while I was growing up. I used to bring a book with me everywhere I went. There are tons of pictures of me as a child sitting at a table at a restaurant reading. I brought the candle because I am a big fan of aromatherapy. I think that candles are a great way to wind down and relax, and I always use one when I am stressed out. I brought the paint brush because I love art. Until this year, I always took an art class in school. I took a painting class out of school when I was in third and fourth grade, and my family still has a few paintings that I made hanging around the house. I was really surprised to found how many people brought similar items to mine. Veronica actually brought the exact same items as me, a candle, a book and a paintbrush. It just shows that many of my peer are much more similar to me than I expected.

Week 2

This week in Philanthropy Club we were assigned our groups. I was put in the group hunger. I’m actually very excited about my placement. Hunger was my third choice on my list, because I have not had much experience with it, but I think that it will be cool to expand my horizon and get involved with new non-profits. Hunger is such a prominent issue in all societies, and I think that it is a very worthy cause. Hunger can affect anyone, children, women, and men, and it is important for people to help to fight it. I am also very excited about my group. In my group there is Ali, Annelise, Charlotte, Taylor, Logan and Dylan. Charlotte came up with a lot of great names for our group, some of which include Hunger Heroes, Hunger Healers, Hunger Helpers, and Food Fighters. I think that our group is between Hunger Heroes and Food Fighters. Also I find out that Annelise and Charlotte have already participated with a non-profit to help fight hunger, which I thought was pretty cool. They have volunteered with the non-profit Feeding Children everywhere, which works to package and send out nutritious meals all over the world. I think that this non-profit might be a good one to consider getting involved with. I am very excited to see what my group can do to make a difference.

Blog Entry- Week 1

I’m very glad that I joined the Philanthropy Club. I thought it was difficult to narrow down the MAD cards, because I felt that there were too many great causes to choose one in particular. I really struggled to narrow it down to just three, but I ended up choosing hunger, children and youth services, and animal rescue. I choose these three not only because I felt that they were all worthy causes, but also because I have previous experience with all three. I┬ávolunteered multiple times at soup kitchens and Camp Sunshine through the sleep away camp that I used to go to . Camp Sunshine is a camp for children with terminal illnesses and their siblings. Overall though, I decided that my top would be the animal rescue because I am already very involved with A Second Chance Animal Rescue, and I am passionate about the cause. I grew up with a dog, and I have always loved animals. But, I would also like to expand my horizons and try to get involved with other non-profits as well.Through the club I am hoping to learn more about the meaning of philanthropy, and learn various ways to get involved in making my community a better place.