Blog 1

During the class, i realized it was really difficult to narrow it down to 3 MAD cards.  However, i realized i wanted to be able to help the sick and youth. I also was very surprised to see many other people in the class had about the same interests as me. My top  3 MAD cards were Children and Youth Services, Hospitals and Medical Care and Family Services. When i went home and asked my mom which cards she chose, we ended up having 2 out of 3 the same. She also chose Medical Care and Family Services.  It was interesting to see what some of the other people in the class choose and their reasoning behind it. I think this activity helped us now more about each other in the class.  Overall, i think this was a great bonding experience.

I’m glad I joined the philanthropy club. This club gives me a chance to experience something new to better myself and the community. I think Philanthropy is a great way to venture through yourself and other’s lives and get to know yourself in ways you never have before. I think this will be a amazing club for me to be involved in because i really love helping out others who are in need. I love making an impact on others peoples lives and i hope this club gives me the chance to do so.