Week 5

I think this week was very helpful for my group. I feel as though it was the perfect amount of time for us to get caught up to where we need to be. We have narrowed out decision down to 4 possible organizations; The Arc School, The Quantum House, The Palm Beach Habilitation Center, and the Special Olympics. After looking at each organizations 990s, on paper it looks as thought the Palm Beach Habilitation Center looks like the best organization to send our money too. However, the Arc School looks like they would need our money the most. So, it will be a hard decision in the end. In terms of fundraising, I went to talk tot eh manager at Swirls to see if we could arrange something. After our lesson today, my group and I are going ot go present out ideas to her and see if we can organize something for next Monday. I think my group has come together and I am excited to visit and connect with our organize.

Week 4

This week we look at a a sample IRS From 990. I did not realize how difficult and complicated it would be. I am apart of a non-profit now and did not realize how much much be recorded each year and how important it is to make sure the numbers stay on track. I researched the Arc School of Palm Beach County on http://nccs.urban.org because this organization was not on guidesar.com. I learned that this organization puts 76.17% of their total expenses to specific programs which is a good number to have, but could be higher. Also, I learned that the organizations only puts 18.68% of their expenses to the management. It was interesting to see that the organization only puts 5.15% of their expenses to fundraising. In a way this is a good thing so the majority of their money is not taken out in order to fund raise money. So, I can confer that they receive a lot of donations to help them survive. However, if my calculations are correct, the organization would only be able to survive for 1.78 months. This is not a good number to have because an organization should be able to survive for a long amount of time. We have yet to contact them and ask if they would like to come to a class. But, I think we are set on this school to be our organization.

Week 3

This week we took part int he brown paper bag activity. I think it was really interesting to see everyone’s items and see how everyone’s items seemed to be connected with each other. I think it alos brought the everyone together and we got to know something more personal about each other. I brought in a picture of my sister which represents my family side. I believe that family is very important and should always come first. I often serve as a mentor to my sister and I think it truly symbolizes my leadership side. My second item was a birthday card that one of my friends made for me symbolizing the importance to friendship. I think that friends are a very important aspect in our lives today and I always make an effort to put their needs over my own. Lastly, I thought in a metal from a sporting event symbolizing the lesson’s I have learned growing up playing different sports. I think all athletes learn many valuable lessons throughout each season and they have helped form the person I am today. However, my group and I have not started researching organizations that we would like to invest our time and money too. Also, we have not started brainstorming fundraising ideas. So, I feel that we are behind.

MAD Cards

When picking through the MAD cards, it seemed to be easier for me to decide which topics really stuck out to me. But, when deciding on my top three I had a lot to think about. It was interesting to see what some of the other people in the class choose and their reasoning behind it. I learned that I had a strong interest in working with children and family services. Also, I learned that many people commonly choose topics based around children, hunger, medical, and animals. I think this activity helped our club come together and find out more about each other.

I hope to gain a better knowledge about an in depth meaning of Philanthropy and how it affects our community. I’m excited to work other with my group in order to fund-raise money and truly making a difference in people’s lives. I think this course will be beneficial not only for myself but for the community as well.