Fun in Wisconsin!

Skype Screenshot!

We had a super morning with the Campellsport class in Wisconsin! Our founder, Ryan was able to Skype in with the class, share his story about how Main Street Philanthropy got started, the importance of giving and how it can change those who give, as well as a few tidbits about making important decisions in life. Students asked questions about the structure of MSP and what keeps him motivated to keep working on it.

“My secret mission,” said Ryan, “is to be able to show mathematically that within a few years, our MSP students and those we have impacted will be on a larger giving-growth trajectory through our Main Street giving than the billionaires that have signed the giving pledge.” He described the math as not too complicated, but important as we illustrate the impact that anyone can make in improving our communities and the world. Good luck with that!

We’re excited to watch and read as these students continue their philanthropic adventure, learning about their passions, their communities, and making a difference.

Thank you team Silbernagel, our fearless Ambassadors, and Ms. Danielle Dreher, the sponsoring teacher at Campellsport High school – none of this works without your support and efforts!