Updates from Franklin High in New Jersey!

If you weren’t already aware, Main Street Philanthropy launched another class at Franklin High in New Jersey!  Under the leadership of Ambassador Yale Levey, they are off and running, learning their passions, and preparing to make a difference in the world!

Here are a few quotes from their blogs after just the first two weeks:


The first session I experienced at Main Street Philanthropy was unheard of. The things going through my head during the activities were deep and at a state which I haven’t reached before. I am now starting to realize what is more important to me in my life. I am getting my priorities straight. Hopefully, as this program progresses I will be able to change my perspective even more on certain subjects. With this program, I think it is possible.
-Ahil R.

I’ve already learned something new about myself and it has only been one week.
– Cheyenne D

From the first week/session of Main Street Philanthropy I realized I care a lot more than I expected. All of the cards from the Make A Difference deck brought up a desire to help within me. In the end I picked the cards that helped those who couldn’t help themselves (children, animals and hunger). I was surprised to see that everyone cared about children as much as I did.
-Alexis C

The first session of Main Street Philanthropy was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. When I first heard about this program, it seemed too good to be true. Living in a world where adults don’t really trust teens to actually complete things, I was surprised that we as high school students would be allowed to directly interact with charities and maybe donate money to them. However, when we had the first session in class, this turned into a reality. We were able to discover our passions and learned a few things about ourselves along the way. I’m really excited to see what will happen on this journey.
-Stephanie T
Our first session in Main Street Philanthropy was quite interesting to me. One thing was when we did the activity called M.A.D (Make A Difference), I learnt many things about myself and a general idea of others during the activity, when we had to only pick three of the several cards that was there, it made me feel a little guilty when I couldn’t pick more than the three. I know I am one out of seven billion people in the world that could make a difference, but it still made me feel a little guilty when I had to drop the rest of the ones I couldn’t help with.
Ken P

We did an activity called M.A.D., where we had cards with different topics on them, such as hunger, family services, environmental services, etc. From the various cards and topics, we had to pick six that we cared the most about. I thought that was difficult; when we had to narrow it down to only three cards, I had to spend a little time picking which ones to keep and which ones to eliminate. Right then, I realized how much I really cared about different organizations and services and what they meant to me personally. It was difficult getting rid of certain cards because I picked each card because they all somehow made an impact on my life.
– Chelsea J

This first week of Main Street Philanthropy was a very interesting session. It was a session that opened my eyes to how I am and how others are. During this session we had to do this activity called M.A.D (Make A difference) it consisted of cards to show what the person cares most about. Just seeing the cards changed the way I thought. When I opened the deck I saw all the things we can do to help in a charitable way, then after we looked at all the cards we had to choose six that we cared most about. That made me really think about the things closest to my heart, and then when I narrowed it down to six I had to choose my top three. Choosing my top three was a struggle because my top two were simple but I was then stuck between three topics. I had to really think of my life and see which topic I was more passionate about. After what felt like an eternity I got my top three and shared them. then I listened to the rest of the class share theirs and it gave me a new perspective on life, myself, and others. I learned that people have their own interests and also that people actually do care about problems in the world.

This program seems really beneficial and I look forward to every second I spend in it. I hope that this experience teaches me how to take charge and stand up for what I want. I am also very exited to donate the money to the charity and being able to help those in need. I see so much good in this program. And I really want to be changed and moved by it.   -Justin M
Throughout high school, I have volunteered for many different causes and for several organizations. Each volunteer experience is different and allows you to learn something you haven’t before- about the world or about even yourself. Volunteering gives you a satisfaction like no other and I am truly honored to be a part of Main Street Philanthropy and am looking forward to the next sessions, where we begin to explore our passions.   – Neha H


You can read more and keep updated on their progress by clicking HERE.


Obviously we’re excited to have Yale leading this class and impacting the lives of more students, our future leaders!  Stay tuned for more updates and great things we’ll be sharing in the next few weeks!