When students get excited about something, they are more than happy to share it with friends. By blogging their experience, our students have a “world stage” to express themselves – and they do!

Here are few excerpts from student blogs posted during our early courses.

Harmony High School, Harmony, FL

Harmony HS blog »

When I first heard of this off-the-wall idea I thought, “This can’t be real,” but I am here to tell you that it is! I never thought I would get this much learning experience out of this program, not because I had low expectations but because it has just blown my mind away!
— Payton P.

My mom said she never knew of anyone who was just willing to give up their time and money to a bunch of high school kids. I mean, really, we are very lucky to get this opportunity!
— Chaney H.

The class as a whole was in awe (which doesn’t happen often because OBVIOUSLY teenagers know everything about everything); it was such a new, fresh, and modern way to participate in philanthropic activity.
— Bethany M.

By learning how a program spends their money, collects their money, and shares their money, we are able to make very accurate predictions as to how much of your donation will actually go to that cause.
— Travis C.

I interviewed my brother about his volunteering experiences. My brother volunteers frequently, from Give Kids the World to hospitals to animal shelter to hospice care facilities, He does it all! He explained to me that to him, true volunteering can only be achieved if you put your heart into what you are doing.
— Jonathan M.

I’m nervous, but excited, to contact organizations this week. I hope that they’re just as willing to put effort into this project as I am, because in the end, I want to do something to make a difference in their organization!
— Kristen B.

This was our first week and honestly I was hesitant; Yes, it seemed like a great cause but I have a lot on my plate already balancing school, friends, and a job. Although the program is just starting, I’m very excited to see where this leads and I look forward to inspiring others, visiting charities, and hopefully really making a difference.
— Laura D.

For my interview I got the chance to sit down with my mom. I found that we both hold kindness very high and if we could change one thing in the world today it would be selfishness. Whether she subconsciously taught me these aspects while I was growing up or if we just found out that our souls just desire the same thing-it doesn’t matter. I don’t mind either way. The greatest part of this interview was getting that connection with her.
— Lauren M.

This week we each interviewed a family member, mentor, or friend to see their viewpoint about donating. This definitely impacted me more than anything we have done so far. I chose to interview my father, a man who I live with day to day but don’t truly realize all he does for others. There is one quote that stands out in my head as my dad said, “When you change your focus from self to others, you see the positive results of charitable giving”.
— Olivia P.

In this experience, I hope to gain a sense of accomplishment, as well as a better understanding of an approach to Philanthropy that is new for me. I hope I can be part of a greater cause and help others in a way they cannot help themselves.
— Preston J.

I’ve also realized through this experience that I don’t know too much about the financial side of things, such as doing taxes and what-not… like NOTHING! So I also hope I learn a thing or two about something about money! Hopefully, as cheesy as this sounds, I hope I become a better person. Sometimes I feel a bit selfish in certain aspects of my life so I hope I can make a change.
— Tatiana E.

This is the first week of Main Street Philanthropy! I’m excited by this! Being able to give money to our favorite charities! The things I’m hoping for are to inspire others to get into philanthropy, help out physically (not just with money), and see the end result be fantastic!
— Tyrnie A.

Clairemont High School, San Diego, CA

Clairemont HS blog »

I hope that I learn the real job of a philanthropist and come to be one by the time the Main Street Philanthropy program is over. I hope that the way I begin to view others motivates others to join me on my journey.
— Ai C.

My experience in using these ‘make a difference’ (MAD) cards was really fun. I learned many things that I didn’t know before about myself and my peers.
— Arelis A.

I learned from the MAD cards that every single human can make a difference in someone’s life in a positive way. I learned that a lot of other people need help in our world. I learned that I have the ability to make a difference in someone’s life.
— Husam G.

My experience using the MAD (Make a Difference) cards was great. I noticed something I didn’t have clear in my mind, and that was the urge and desire to help others and contribute to making a difference in the world.
— Jessica P.

While looking for foster care organizations, I found this video which really got to me and made my heart want to help as much as possible and think about someday becoming a foster parent and provide a safe home and give them all the attention and love they need.
— Jesus T.

From my experience using MAD cards I learned that in my opinion we should donate money to the military people who have risked their lives to save our country and that the injured veterans deserve respect for what they had to go through.
— Matt G.

The Main Street Philanthropy program is an awesome program that helps others by making a difference in many people’s lives.
— Marissa R.