Bringing Philanthropy to Harmony, Florida!

Today is the day!  Main Street Philanthropy is entering the lives of another group of students, this time at Harmony High School in Harmony, Florida!  Led by Scott Farnsworth, this group is about to embark on an adventure that will impact their lives for many years to come. 
I’m so excited about the progress and upgrades we’ve made to program in the past 8-10 months – more hands on exercises, the development of our MAD (Make A Difference) Cards to help participants identify their personal passions and concerns, and an upgraded workbook to guide them through the experience. 

For the next 8-weeks, the students of Harmony High will embark on an adventure to identify their personal passions and concerns, find organizations that support their cause, evaluate them – quantitative and qualitative, then make a financial investment in their long term success.  I’m thrilled for them, I’m thrilled for Scott, I’m thrilled for the organizations that will receive the support, and for all the people whose lives will be touched by hearing the stories that these students will share. 

Please join me in wishing them a wonderful experience! 



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