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Bringing Philanthropy into Harmony!

As I shared last week, the students at Harmony High School are now into week two of Main Street Philanthropy.  If you enjoy seeing the lives of teenagers transformed in an amazingly positive program, you really ought to follow along their blogs

They’re just getting started, but pay attention as they share their insights, lessons learned, and perspectives of the world and how they can (and will!) make a difference. 

Each time we start a new class, I have a renewed spirit, a new excitement and thrill with the good that can be done in our lives.  We’re inundated with so much tragedy and sorrow in the world, let’s focus on how groups of students are pooling their efforts to make a positive impact. 

With Main Street Philanthropy, we’re developing and inspiring the next generation of philanthropists by helping students experience the joy of intelligent giving! 

Join Us!!

Want to learn about how to bring philanthropy to your school or group?  Interested in participating in changing the lives of students?  Drop me a note; I’d love to share how it works!  

~ RyP


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