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Preparing future Philanthropists at
Clairemont High School!
We’re bringing philanthropy to Clairemont High School in San Diego!  Last week, Main Street Philanthropy engaged another set of students, this time at Clairemont High with the Academy of Business and Technology (AOBT)!
This class brings together a collaboration between Ryan Ponsford of Main Street Philanthropy and Alan Walter of Clairemont High School who attended Santa Rosa High School together a rather large number of years ago.  Together they are guiding 29 high school juniors and future philanthropists; educating them on the joys of intelligent giving. 
The students got started last week with the MAD Card sort – identifying their personal passions and concerns they’d like to address in the world.  Already we’ve discussed how students’ lives have been impacted from disease, foster care, military service, and faith.  Students are getting to know each other in new ways, gaining deeper understanding of core values of their peers. 
Through this 8-week course, students will identify their core concerns and passions, write a philanthropic mission and vision statement, locate and evaluate non-profit organizations, learn to read a 990 tax return, interview board members, then determine how they will allocate their investment to the organizations – funded by generous donors to Main Street Philanthropy.  Whew – lots to accomplish; not a dull moment! 
As always, blogs are starting this week; you can follow along at  Click on the blog tab and find Clairemont High
Here’s a little about the Academy of Business and Technology: 

What is AOBT?

The award-winning Academy of Business & Technology, or AOBT, is a “school within a school” at Clairemont High that focuses on business, computer, and communication skills. Our three-year program provides college-prep core classes and business career-technical electives in 10th, 11th and 12th grade. Our Mission: The Academy of Business & Technology provides students a supportive, rigorous community where they can take ownership of their education and future; students acquire the technological, financial, and communicative skills necessary to succeed in a college and career environment. We help students invest in their future!

What AOBT offers:

Our academy program is committed to providing students with an array of unique educational activities and opportunities that are not typically incorporated into general education courses such as: • Internships in the business field • Mentorships with community partners • Entrepreneurship training • Instruction in finance and economics • Online business simulations • Field trips to businesses and colleges • Guest speakers on various careers • Job interview & resume guidance • Computer skills in Microsoft applications • Public speaking preparation • College application assistance • Project-based group assignment • Team-building and leadership exercises • Laptop usage across all courses • Problem-based learning projects • Group simulations • Access to laptops and an exclusive academy computer lab

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About Ryan Ponsford

Ryan Ponsford is a Co-Founder of Main Street Philanthropy; the idea for which stemmed from his working with families addressing financial challenges through wealth transfer. He has been involved in wealth management and real estate for nearly two decades; specializing in the evaluation, management, and transfer of illiquid assets. That the kids blow their inheritance is no surprise, the number of family relationships destroyed is tragic, and the cause of much of Ryan's efforts.

Mr. Ponsford possesses a unique ability to recognize the source of problems, provide clarity for solutions, and grasps the impact solutions will have on the peripheral of clients’ lives.

He graduated from Point Loma Nazarene University with a degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and extensive coursework in Chemistry. In addition, he holds securities licenses, professional licenses for Life and Health Insurance, California Partnership Long Term Care, is a Real Estate Broker, and holds multiple industry certifications.

Ryan has participated in several industry-specific mastermind groups including the Laureate in Wealth Strategies, InKnowVision, SunBridge Legacy Advisors, Advisors in Philanthropy, and the Southern California Institute.

He is a sought-after speaker for client and industry events, investment conferences, private investment clubs, and family gatherings.

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