Two is More than One!

Main Street Philanthropy is back in Clairemont High School’s Academy of Business! 


 After making waves in San Diego in 2013, Main Street Philanthropy has been invited back to Clairemont High; this time to lead two classes of juniors through the joys of intelligent giving. 


Beginning in January, students will embark on a ten week journey, led by MSP Ambassador Ryan Ponsford, in which they are taught the principles of becoming philanthropists.  They will learn that true philanthropy is not just about money, but about the simple love of humankind.  They will sort through colorful Make a Difference (MAD) cards to determine their personal passions for how they’d like to affect change in the world.  Working in teams, these ambitious students will identify local nonprofit organizations that support their causes, then apply investment principles of qualitative and quantitative analysis to determine which are most likely to make an impact with their donor-provided philanthropic dollars.  Also raising a chunk of money on their own, they will then embark on an adventure to visit and hand deliver checks to worthy organizations. 


What’s to be expected on the other side of this bridge?  Here you’ll find 50 budding philanthropists, trained and armed with skills to lead future groups of givers.  You’ll be introduced to purposeful givers that can quantify the impact of their charitable investments.  You’ll meet a group of young men and women that have experienced and become infected with the joys of intelligent giving.  Armed with communication skills, financial principles, a sense of purpose, and a dose of inspiration; these are our future leaders. 


See you on the other side!!


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