What’s your Passion??

What’s your Passion??
If you had to give away several thousand dollars of real money to a deserving charity in your community, how would YOU decide? That’s the challenge students face in the Main Street Philanthropy program.

Participants start by using our Make A Difference (“MAD”) card-sort activity to identify what gets them excited. They must screen 20 different cards representing 20 areas of charitable focus and narrow the field until they find the three they care most about. As the list of possibilities gets smaller and smaller, the choices get harder and harder.
Once students have found their Top Three interests, they use the back sides of the cards to identify local charitable organizations that align with their personal interests. We group students into small teams based on their Top Three interests.
Then the work begins in earnest. In only eight weeks, participants must investigate, report, evaluate, and finally decide which local charities get the gift.

It’s an exciting adventure jam-packed with important life lessons.

“We change students’ lives by helping them experience
the joy of intelligent giving.”