Category: Class Updates

  • Check Delivery in Wisconsin!

    A few months back, a group of students in Kewaskum, WI had the opportunity to deliver checks to local on-profit organizations.  Led by MSP Ambassador, Dona Miotke, and supported by The Silbernagel Group and many local businesses, the students embarked on their 10-week journey of self discovery, analysis, fundraising, and group interaction, they were rewarded […]

  • Thoughtful Notes from Harmony High

    Over the past two months, a group of 23 students from Harmony High in Florida have been on their philanthropic journey, led by Scott Farnsworth, one of our founders and a wonderful advisor to families in the Orlando area.  Throughout their adventure, the students share their experience through their blog writing.  Here are a few […]

  • The End – A noteworthy journal entry

    As you all know by now, as students go through Main Street Philanthropy, they are encouraged to blog each week about their experience – what they’re learning, the impact the course is having, etc.  The number of incredible insights is way beyond our ability to share each and every one, but here and there we […]

  • Changing Lives in South Florida

    We recently received a very heartfelt letter from the mother of a Main Street Philanthropy student in South Florida.  In it, she eloquently described how her teenager had been changed from the inside out as a result of the thoughtful giving he experienced in the Main Street Philanthropy program. She wrote,  The conversation my son […]

  • Another batch of inspired philanthropists released!

    In a moving celebration and ceremony last week, over 50 new graduates of The Main Street Philanthropy Academy from Clairemont High School’s Academy of Business in San Diego were awarded their certificates, recognizing them for completing the 10-week course in giving with purpose and passion! The day consisted of several speeches from students, over $4,000 […]

  • Two is More than One!

    Main Street Philanthropy is back in Clairemont High School’s Academy of Business!     After making waves in San Diego in 2013, Main Street Philanthropy has been invited back to Clairemont High; this time to lead two classes of juniors through the joys of intelligent giving.    Beginning in January, students will embark on a ten […]

  • Updates from Franklin High in New Jersey!

    If you weren’t already aware, Main Street Philanthropy launched another class at Franklin High in New Jersey!  Under the leadership of Ambassador Yale Levey, they are off and running, learning their passions, and preparing to make a difference in the world! Here are a few quotes from their blogs after just the first two weeks: […]

  • Follow these students!

    Bringing Philanthropy into Harmony! As I shared last week, the students at Harmony High School are now into week two of Main Street Philanthropy.  If you enjoy seeing the lives of teenagers transformed in an amazingly positive program, you really ought to follow along their blogs!  They’re just getting started, but pay attention as they […]

  • Bringing Philanthropy to Harmony, Florida!

    Today is the day!  Main Street Philanthropy is entering the lives of another group of students, this time at Harmony High School in Harmony, Florida!  Led by Scott Farnsworth, this group is about to embark on an adventure that will impact their lives for many years to come.  I’m so excited about the progress and upgrades we’ve […]