Week 1 Natalie Hettwer

A.) i learned that everyone wants to help change everything and you can only help very few.

B.) I want to learn about the impact of helping others really has on people.

Samara Kreuser

Week 1- This week we used the MAD cards. The MAD cards really helped me understand how grateful I am as an individual for the life I am living today. They also showed me how hard choosing only a select few groups to help can be. I had a very difficult time choosing these groups because overall I wanted to help and support each and every one of them. I also learned that me and my partners are alike in some ways, but also very different in others. We had picked some of the same organizations, but also different ones, meaning we think a few of the same topics are more important than others, but others in some ways are less important than the rest. I hope that by being in Main Street Philanthropy I will better understand some of the biggest problems facing our world today and have a better understanding even for those of smaller problems facing our community as well.

Kylie Hermann

A. The MAD cards showed me that I cared about a lot more things than just a few of the options I had picked. I also learned that my peers had other causes they thought were more important. Everyone has their own idea of what is important to them and others.

B. What I hope to gain from participating in the Main Street Philanthropy Program is to learn more about the charities in the area and how to help and make a difference.

Maddie Ferguson

Week 1- The MAD cards helped me learn things about myself and my values. It was very difficult to try and narrow down to the Top 3 problems that I value. I am very excited to start this program and eager to learn. I hope that this program really helps to give me a new perspective about the organizations in this community and the work that they do that I may not be aware of.

Delaney Dickman

Week 1- The MAD cards we used this week made me realize how difficult it is for me to narrow down what problems in the world that I am most passionate about. I also found out how different my partner and I feel about the world’s problems and how we believe that some problems are a lot less important than others. By being a part of Main Street Philanthropy, I hope to gain a new respect for my community and get a sense of truly how much some organizations care for certain causes within not only the community but even the state.

Cheyenne Sachen

I really enjoyed using the MAD cards, and I learned a lot from them. I learned that there are a lot of different groups that need help in the world. It was very hard for me to only pick six groups that I thought were important because they all were important to me, and need support from others. My partner and I had very similar cards that we picked out. I hope that I gain more knowledge about each group that needs support, and learn more about the subjects.

Kaylee Petersen

I learned I have a lot more concerns about the MAD topics than I thought. I didn’t realize how many charities or groups in the world that need help. It was really hard to just choose six of the cards and then to only pick three out of the those six that mean the most to me. My partner and I had very similar picks from the cards. I hope to learn more about the charities in the local area and I want to become a better leader in groups.